All of our favorite floral scents unite in this candle! It is a unique floral blend of rose, jasmine, violet and lily, but softened with a hint of sandalwood. A subtle, fresh scent!


The Traveler: Our 4 oz. Traveler tin candle is the perfect sized candle to travel with, to try out a new scent, or the solution to that "little something" gift that is always so hard to find. It is also the perfect size for a bathroom or kitchen counter, and is easy to store when not burning. Available in silver and topped with a matching lid. Approximate Burn Time: 20-24 Hours.

The Classic: 9 oz. jar candle has a clean, classic look, and is the perfect size for any counter or table.  Topped with a silver lid.  

Approximate Burn Time: 45-63 Hours

The Modern: Our personal favorite at Chasing Quinn!  Our 11 oz. Modern jar candle offers a chic, sophisticated look. Its white glass goes with any decor and will brighten up any space. It works with both modern farmhouse and traditional spaces. It also fits perfectly into our coordinating candle rings and on our coordinating candle coasters. Perfect for gift giving or treating yourself!

Approximate Burn Time: 55-77 Hours.

The Mason: The Mason is our biggest candle, and the real deal! A full 16 ounces of your favorite scent, adds the perfect touch to the popular modern farmhouse look. Topped with a rustic silver lid. Approximate Burn Time: 80-112 Hours


    • Always make sure your wick is trimmed 1/4 inch-1/2 inch before lighting. Trim your wick before every burn, to get the most out of your candle
    • When lighting a new candle, allow the wax to melt across the entire top surface of your candle (hitting all sides of the containter). This will create a full pool of melted wax across the top, and avoid your candle from tunneling (burning only down through the middle of the container)

    • For more candle care tips, please visit our Candle Care page.

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